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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finding a sustainable approach to Weight Maintenance

In the previous post, I described the approach used to win the bet to reach 62 kg. The approach works but was not maintainable. It is just too tedious to keep track of all the calories consumed on a daily basis.

Also, it was very important to fluctuate the calorie intake to the body does not adapt and adjust the BMR to the new calorie intake. As a result, I have gained back 10 kgs I lost.

A few things I discovered along the way were:

  1. Low fat does not mean low calorie (you find a lot of low fat food filled with sugar - so high in calories).
  2. It is possible to continue to enjoy your food by swapping with lower calorie equivalent (which taste almost as good).
  3. We are consuming a lot more calories than we actually need.
I am starting the process to towards my ideal weight again but starting a new approach. Will post the progress and explain the process at a later post.
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