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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Writing Online

Of late, I have been writing mostly movie reviews. I found that this is a rather save and easy way for me to write online. The few times I tried writing on other things, the editor of the site I wrote for found many mistakes in my grammar. Surprisingly there was minimal or no grammar mistakes for the movie review I wrote.
Techno Background

I love watching movies so I am happy to be able to write movie reviews. After a few disappointing movies, I try to be more selective on the movies I watch. Some movies are for my own entertainment while others to allow me to spend time with my children.

One movie such movie was Warm Bodies, even though it was a zombie movie it was not scary at all. There was a part we had fun with. It was the point when the main character a zombie named “R”, he had turned back into human and was shot by the human survivors. The girlfriend was trying to convince them that he is human and used the fact that he is bleeding as proof. Zombies do not bleed. I told my children, “Yeah, he is now a human and now they are going to just let him bleed to death!”. My children had a kick out of that comment and laughed.
Some great movies I have seen in the cinema these year includes:
Strangely movie like Iron Man 3 is rated 18 which was fine since my children were not really into that kind of movie.

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