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Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting Paid for Online Activities

I started blogging back in 2008 with Programmer’s Journal on the Blogger platform. That was the first time I realized that I am able to earn money online. The earning is not a lot but it turned out to be a game for me to experiment and see how much I could earn. I wanted to share my experience below.

MyLot required a lot of active time (well at least until the rules for the site changed). I received quite a few payment from them since I started but stopped when I thought that they had stopped paying. However, after I heard they were still paying, I continued until the latest change - where they stopped sharing revenue completely.


Triond is another site I received several payments from. It is great because of the low cash out limit so I did not have to wait long to reach the payout and receive my money.

Bukisa is another site that was good to me for a while. I was attracted to it initially due to the high earning rate but later they changed it to be a partial share. That is some of the earnings are from advertisers sourced by the site and other earned either with our Adsense or Chitika. I stopped contributing to the site for a while but later when I tried become active again, I could not submit any articles.

There were sites that I started but gave up on but am surprised when they suddenly paid me. They were pleasant surprise and they all happened only within the last two months.

MyLot paid me even though I did not reach their lower payment threshold. It is the final payment after they revamped the site and stopped their revenue sharing policy.

Wikinut payment was completely out of the blue. I do not see any policy change nor have I been active but I was paid! What is even more interesting is that I had this account since 2009, so it has taken more than three years to be paid by this site.
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