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Monday, June 24, 2013

Season of Change

It appears that this is a season for change. Within the last few months, majority of the sites I frequent have made changes.

First Mylot decided that they are going to stop their revenue sharing program. Then ExpertColumn decided that they could not afford to maintain the site and still share their revenue.

Later I discovered that Redgage had revamped their site - I like the new look. 

PICT2296.JPG By diggerdanno
New Beginning

I just found out today, that Full of Knowledge has changed their payment scheme, they now have a minimum cash out limit of US$50. The cash out limit is the combined earning from both their sites - ExpertPages (EP) and Full of Knowledge (FOK). In the beginning, there was no limit, so payout was automatic on the following month. After that, the limit was raised to US$1/-.

There were changes previously for EP, at the beginning, there was only one site. The second site FOK started later. Shortly after the sister site started, it was decided that EP would follow it’s namesake and only allow articles for experts and all other articles had to be moved to FOK. Earning in EP were higher than FOK. The rules have since changed. I have not found any difference between the two sites. These two sites are still be highest paying revenue sharing site available. However, it appears FOK has a higher pay rate compared to EP. I also like the fact that the editors are monitoring the quality of the articles submitted.

Another site that has changed is StumbleUpon. When I first joined the site, they were not very strict in terms of my sharing articles I wrote (together with other pages I submitted). However, recently, it looks like they are clamping down on bloggers attempting to promote their own articles.

I wonder if all these changes are due to the industry maturing or an indication of a tougher business environment.
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