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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Writing to Improve

It takes practice to improve so that is why I try to write at least one article a day. However, I wonder whether I can do that without having a coach or without having someone to look over my writing and suggest improvement.

Tools like Libreoffice and Microsoft Office have spelling and grammar checking feature but they are not very effective. It failed to identify a lot of grammar mistakes when I tested the feature. appears to be the best free tool that I am aware of that will help identify my spelling and grammar mistakes. The tool also rates on usage of bad word phrases, the use of transitional phrases, length of my sentences, usage of passive voice sentences, simple sentence starts, vocabulary and an overall grading.

Majority of my articles receive C grading and interesting enough so do many of the articles I have read online. It would be nice to improve get a B or A grade my articles but I have not figured out how. According to the FAQ, the rating is based on many factors including  word choice, spelling, grammar, and more.

A few actions I am trying are:
  1. Read articles and books to experience different words and styles used, especially ones that will attract readers.
  2. Renew my toastmasters’ membership and work on the tracks available.
  3. Listen to speeches and understand how to constructive words that will attract listeners.

Meanwhile, writing here will help keep my mind agile and active. The challenge at the moment is to come up with something worth writing. If anyone reading this have ideas, please feel free to provide me with suggestions on the topics to write or ways to improve my writing.

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