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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Destruction of Our Way of Life

It saddens me to see that our way of life is being destroyed. We had a culture of harmony and peace, nobody worried about what races and religion or offending each other; there was always mutual respect.

We are now under attack from within. When somebody tries to be helpful, we question their sincerity and look for ulterior motive. There are boogie-men everywhere. There is increasing distrust between brothers and sisters because of their race or their beliefs. Foreign cultures are adopted, replacing the beautiful cultures of love and beauty. Unfortunately, no one dares to voice out for fear or being attacked and chastised by so called religious police and non governmental groups.

Do we have so little regard for our culture and our way of life that we allow the few in power to destroy our culture all in the name of religious harmony. Can a simple sign or words cause people to change their beliefs and convert to a different religion? Do the way we dress turn normal citizens into sexual predators?

Why has all this paranoia surfaced in recent years? We consider ourselves cultured but our actions show that we are becoming more and more uncivilized. There is an invisible force at work trying to instigate us, separating us so that the few can stay in power. We need to stay united, remember what we had and reclaim the peaceful way of life we had since the founding of our nation. We, the silent majority need to claim back our way of life. Do not allow the selfish few rob us of our past and destroy the future of our children.
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