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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Anime Review: Handa Kun

Imagine being in high school and believing that everyone hates you - that is what Handa Kun believes and as a result he has creates a wall between him and everybody else in school.

Due to his paranoia, he was unapproachable and those around him mistakes his actions and get the wrong impression about him. The story takes us through his experience and how those who felt threatened by him ended up becoming his fan. As his fan base grew, our hero is totally unaware and just see more and more threats. All these events makes for a very funny anime.

Some examples of the situations are as follows:

When one of the girls in his class tried to confess to him, he thought the letter was a chain letter like the ones he used to get and refused to read it. When he threw the letter away without reading it, another classmate (the best friend to the girl who wrote the letter)  scolded him and then pushed the girl to confess to him. Instead of confessing, she asked him to see him after class in the gym. He thought the girl was calling him out for a confrontation. His attempt to pass a message to avoid the confrontation resulted in both girls competing for him.

In another episode, he was sent to get a truant from his class to return to school. The truant was bullied previously and had dropped out from school and bulked up to avoid being picked on. After that, the truant decided that he did not need school anymore and decided to be the neighborhood protector. Handa actions during their first meeting convinced the truant that he is much stronger than him (not really true) and pledged to be his protector.

Things I learned from this anime are:

  1. When people do not know the facts, their imagination will create stories that are often bigger than life.
  2. Our unproven beliefs can enslave us and make us suffer unnecessarily.
  3. Imagination can make people act irrationally.

There is a lot of lessons to be learned from this anime. I feel a bit guilty laughing at the suffering of the protagonist.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.
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