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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tropical Fruit Farm

I recently visited the tropical fruit farm in Penang. It was interesting place to visit however a bit costly - charges RM 25/- for adults and RM 17/- for children. I guess they have to do that because they needed to pay the workers to conduct the tour, the gas for the van to take us up to the farm (short distance from the entrance) and of course the all you can eat fruits at the end of the tour.

The tour lasted about 20 minutes where they showed us various tropical fruits some which are not local in Malaysia - imported from neighboring countries. Here are the pictures of the fruits they introduced us to:

Scenary from the top.  You can see the dam and a nearby fishing village - Teluk Bahang.

Coconut tree:

Other fruits:


Fruits from cactus:


Dragon Fruit which is now getting very popular in Malaysia.  There are two kinds - with white content or purple content.






This is the entrance - with shop and where you can buy some fruits and ticket for the tour:


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