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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Effect of sleeping Late at night

I received this in the mail today and had it translated from Chinese using Google Translate:

Wan Shui consequences of the state

Some people have always had good health, but few stay up late at night in a row, all of a sudden to get up the next day will am very tired, I wanted to sleep with eyes closed, and will be back pains, but a good spirit of the evening up! Do not think this is trivial! According to Chinese medicine's view, is due to fatigue caused by an imbalance of yin and yang organs in the body, is the organ in the body from internal strife, fighting each other, the final result of organ failure and died.

Sleep is the body's self-adjustment time, it's time for you aggression, aggression, it's your health, we should guard ourselves to the following rest periods.

Night 9 - 11 Points for the immune system (lymph) detoxification, this paragraph should be quiet or listening to music.

Night 11 - 1 am, Liver detoxification, to be carried out in deep sleep.
The early morning of 1 - 3, detoxification of bile, is no exception.
The early morning of 3 - 5, The lung detoxification. That is why people who cough cough during this period of time, and was the most intense, action has come as a result of toxins from the lung; cough should not be used so as not to suppress the plot of waste material to exclude.

The early morning of 5 - 7, The toxins from the colon, should the toilet stool.
In the morning 7 - 9, A large number of small intestinal absorption of nutrition at the time, should have breakfast. Treating patients as early as the best food in the 6:30, 7 in health Point and a half years ago, do not eat breakfast should be used to change, even until 9, 10:00 to eat than not eat well.
The middle of the night until 4 am Points for the spine hematopoietic time to be asleep, not stay up all night.

The consequences of lack of sleep:

A. Lack of sleep will increase the pressure on the hormone levels, so we feel the pressure of rapidly rising to a new level.

B. Fitness and energy will be decreased because of lack of sleep, the level of intelligence, to focus on the ability and decision-making ability will be affected in various degrees.

C. Do not sleep well the law will not seriously affect the progress of the study and units of the brain time to reduce the intake of nearly half of the amount of information, learning new things easily frustrated.

D. Dream is a mood of the adjustment process, it can never help you out in a good mood. However, the absence of sufficient sleep, it is very likely in the negative after finishing the dream will have to get up, which will make during the day and all day Jingshenbuzhen, emotional deterioration, with the passage of time, the formation of a negative psychological crisis.

E. Sleep too little and you may not have difficulties in the case would have been suppressed, psychological tolerance of the apparent decline.

23:00 to 2 am
Skin is the best time to renovate - knowing that this is the beauty of the noble words of experts, but it is always difficult to implement. Only until the next day wake up, find a mirror of themselves not only lost its luster, also covered with acne, his eyes are too serious to be solved on the bridge of the nose to climb the fine lines, under what the two super -
"Panda eyes" to find powder everywhere ... ...

Stay up late first-aid book

1. Dinner there are about

Lack of adequate sleep in the skin, there will be water and nutrients over the loss, it should add some dinner with vitamin C Or collagen containing food, conducive to the resumption of skin elasticity and gloss.

A large number of fruits are rich in vitamin C , Or 1 to 2 oral vitamin C Film. Jishi spicy food and alcoholic beverages, it is best not to smoke.

2. Take care before going to bed

After the end, stay up all night and sleep is the worst habits. At this time should be raised a glass of honey Chamomile tea can also help Runzao sleep.

In the skin thoroughly cleaned, sprayed with a layer of moisture spray, and then coated with a lower concentration of natural acid cream. Lack of sleep the skin must be moist for, the acid cream not only to dead skin, but also to restore luster to the skin, the results are obvious.

3. The most critical in the early morning

A. A few hours sleep is necessary to get up, you may be a splitting headache, then we must face with cold water, and left with borneol or drink tea bag Fu Yan Zhou, an effective elimination of swollen eyes, play down the black eye.

B. Sandy breath of fresh air, so quick. To do some simple movements to relax muscles, relieve bones, to the effect decompression.

C. Breakfast can be a little biased towards protein-rich food such as milk, sardines, and so on, can be added to the brain enough nutrients.

MM stay up all night
Are not the law, unhealthy way of life, of course, requires a radical change, recommended by more than a few stay up all night after the first-aid measures, to a certain extent, the problem can be eased for the time being. However, a good schedule, to shape a more beautiful you!

Doctors: the evening of 10:00 best before going to bed rest, 12:00 as far as possible to sleep for an hour and a half hours of Wu Jue (Nap for an hour had arrived three hours sleep at night), Young people Shuizu at least eight hours a day!
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