Mamma Mia

Every once in a while you come across a movie with a title that makes you wonder what it is all about. The last such movie I saw was "Romancing the Stone". Now all of the sudden, you have a movie called "Mamma Mia".

What kind of title is that? To make things worst the poster just doesn't tell you anything about the story or what to expect. Which makes me wonder if the show is worth watching or not (have some very good stars but sometimes even the best stars cannot save a bad movie).

Then all of the sudden I received this email from NuffNang with an invitation to watch the show. Better yet, it provides a blog telling me more about what to expect. Now, there are a few more pluses going for the movie. It is a musical and features songs from ABBA - the group who produced some the favorite songs of my childhood. All of the sudden, I begin to think may be it is another "Romancing the Stone" where the title just doesn't do it justice. Now I am hooked. I want to see the show.


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