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Friday, September 26, 2008

How are we spending our life?

The average lifespan of humans is about 77 years based on Wikipedia. This may seem a lot but how much of this years are productive years. When compared to other animals and creatures, we rank one of the highest.

There is an article showing the lifespan of different animals. Here is the list from it:

Elephant 69
Horse 50
Hippopotamus 49
Chimpanzee 40
Grizzly Bear 32
Bison 30
Lion 30
Tiger 25
Elk 22
Mountain Lion 20
Beaver 19
Wolf 16
Squirrel 16
Chipmunk 12
Cottontail 10
House Mouse 4

Turkey Buzzard 118
Swan 102
Parrot 80
Great Horned Owl 68
Eagle 55
English Sparrow 23
Canary 22
Humming Bird 8

Giant Tortoise 152
Box Turtle 123
Alligator 68
Snapping Turtle 57
Cobra 28
Cottonmouth 21

Giant Salamander 55
Toad 36
Bullfrog 30
Mud Puppy 23
Green Frog 10
Newt 7

Catfish 60
Eel 55
Carp 47
Mosquitofish 2

Cicada 17
Ant (queen) 15

Take for example the lifespan of a butterfly which is only between 2 days to 14 days and yet they make the most of their life. How many of us can say that we have lived our life to the fullest?

In fact, if you sit to analyze it, most of us are spending half of our lives sleeping. This is not to say that sleeping is bad (since we need that down time for the body to do repair and also some people solve a lot of problems in their dreams). However, looking at my own life, a lot of our remaining time are wasted in:
  • watching movies after movies.
  • waiting for things to happen.
  • waiting in queues.
  • arguing (instead of solving problems).
  • making excuses.
Look around us and many times we find successful people are the ones who optimizes their time. Using whatever time they have within the 24 hours each of us have in one day to prepare and train for opportunities.

We also need to take some time off to appreciate the world around us but so as not to be selfish try to preserve is for future generations.

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Zues said...

Actually the things you stated are just part of our lives, and they are the process for us to know actually we can do something better.. Anyway, for me I think importantly we appreciate what we have and be optimistic, that is the only way we can live a happy life.. Anyway, nice post you have here!!! All the best..