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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Counting My Blessings

Instead of setting up a new year resolution, I thought it would be a good time to count my blessings instead. One of the key components in the Law of Attraction is gratitude. In order to feel gratitude, we need to reflect on all the various blessings and gifts we have in our life. Rather than looking at things to improve all the time, we sometimes have to stop and see what we already have.

First to be thankful about being alive and here today and being able to write this article. Here are the list of things I am thankful for the year 2013:

  • that everyone in the family is healthy.
  • having a good job.
  • working with great and supportive people.
  • having money in my savings account.
  • having food to eat everyday.
  • living in a peaceful country.
  • having people who appreciates and loves me.
  • having things to believe in.
  • having and knowing talents and gifts I have been given.
  • getting to know wonderful people from different countries around the world.
  • having a great team to work with.
  • having multiple source of income.
  • being able to enjoy wonderful movies.

I find this exercise to be extremely useful to help me appreciate what I already have. Too often, we compare with others and are jealous with what others have and become disillusioned and frustrated. We also see injustice being done and hate them for it. However, the hate does not make things better but instead eat us up from the inside. What needs to be done are things that are within our control and not to worry about things that we cannot change.

Happy 2014. Here is to all the things that we will be grateful for in the coming year!
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