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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Personal experience on how I got involved with writing online

There are different reasons for writing online. When I started writing online it was to share my knowledge and experience with my team. I was a programmer managing a group of other programmers.

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The blog served a couple of purposes:
  1. share some of the tricks I used on some of my projects.
  2. set up a standard (comments, error handling guide).
  3. a place for me to bookmark solutions or tips I found previously.
After that I found that it was earn some spare change by writing and created a few other blogs. The challenge I found in was to get the word out about my writing. My early success was to participate in forums. One such entry garnered 1000 over hits but it only lasted one day and dropped as fast.

I have since started participating in other article directory sites like
It is much easier to earn money with these sites since the traffic (from all the other writers) ensures a higher CPM. The existing community will also provide you the views provided you get to know the other writers on the site. Most writers will reciprocate when you read their articles. Another benefit from theses sites are the passive income, I still earn from articles I published many years ago.

However, the more successful writers have a large following on the social sites like Facebook, Redgage, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and GooglePlus. The key thing about these social networking sites are getting involved.

The problem though is some sites like Facebook tend to make it more difficult to get to know strangers (people who you want to meet but do not know previously). One way around this problem is to play games. Games will provide you excuse to connect with others. However, the ones you meet through games may not read any posting on the wall.

It is easier to connect with others in GooglePlus and Twitter. By connecting to a lot of people, you have the law of averages working for you, chances of meeting people who like your articles. The side effect is also finding ideas and wondrous discovery.

I just started on this journey and have a lot of things to learn.
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