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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obtaining RSS feed from the writing websites and its uses

When it comes to providing feed into this site for my other writing sites, a rss feed is required. The same applies if you want to automatically publish your articles on Facebook (via NetworkedBlogs).


image © Michael Jastremski for CC:Attribution-ShareAlike

Some sites make it easy for you. The following are the rss for the sites I write for.

Note that in each case, strovek is my username, if you need it for your own user name, just replace it strovek with your username for the site.

(using this site
as a sample)  

I was not able to find the url to obtain the rss feed for ExpertsColumn. From what I can tell, the site uses Drupal as its platform and there is an option to generate the rss feed but only if you are an admin.

As for Squidoo, the rss feed can be generated using SquidUtils. I successfully used it to generate the following rss feed

Uses of RSS feed

RSS feed can be used as a sitemap which you can submit to search engines if you are starting a new site that has never been indexed by the search engines. That was what I did when I first started this blog and all my other blogs.

Some users prefer to use rss reader to read the articles and can subscribe to your blog that way. However, Adsense for feed is going away, so if your reader uses rss feed, you will not earn anything from his/her view..   
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