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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Presentation Tips from Steve Jobs

A few thing presentation ideas from Steve Jobs:
  1. He hardly ever looks back at the presentation.
  2. There are hardly any words on the slides, leave alone lengthy bullet points.
  3. Even when he's sharing the financial results of the company (in the beginning), he makes them fun to listen to.
  4. He is driving the presentation, not the other way around. He's delivering the message, and the slides are giving the added impact to his message. 
  5. His words are in absolute sync with the slides.
  6. There are no useless headers, footers or logos on every slide, that we often use on ours. It gives that extra space, flexibility and freshness to every slide.
  7. You can hardly notice the remote controller in his hand. There are no other visible gadgeteries on him, distracting the audience. 
  8. He's so relaxed and calm, and that makes the audience comfortable and receptive to his message.
  9. He's so focused on the message. Not even once did he stray from the topic.
  10. He's unbelievably well familiar with the content on the slides. In the entire presentation, you won't see him going back on any slide even once. He did not fumble on a single word. Rehearsal, skills or simply the magic of a master craftsman? Perfection.
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