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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Offerings to the Gods

At certain times of the year, Buddhist will put offering for either the Gods or their ancestors. Typically, the will place food and burn incense.

Here is a photo of such an offering table at a market in Penang:

In the picture above, you have a roasted pig. The roasted pig is a delicacy that which is very delicious and normally sold in pieces as you would for any type of meat. If prepared right, it is crispy and succulent.

Sometimes to celebrate birthday, piglets are used instead but preparation is the same.

Here you see Rambutan - a local fruit (Rambut is Malay word for hair) - you will notice the skin is very hairy:

Here another fruit favorite is Durian. This is the type of fruit that you either love or hate. There are many variations which is best illustrated here.

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