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Friday, August 15, 2008

7 Rs to help Earth Recover

First I heard of 1 R, Recycle now I suddenly realize that there are 7 R that will help Earth recover.

1. Rethink

It is time to rethink our lifestyle. We need to change our mindset. Everything has a limit, resources on earth are not inexhaustible. Think of about what you need to be happy and how much of it do you really need. Is that trip to the supermarket really necessary? Do we need the extra bottle of soda? Is it necessary to switch on the air conditioner?

2. Reuse

What are the things we throw away that can be reused. Often times if you go the garbage dump, you may find a lot of thinks that are still in good order that can be reused. Take this to the charity home. Clothes we no longer wear can be given to the orphanage or old folks home. Often times we throw them away not because they are worn out but because they are out dated or we have outgrown them. Remember the cartoon Robots a couple of years back where he literally recycle parts from his cousins.

3. Recycle

A lot of things we throw away can be recycled. Things like newspaper, old books, plastic bottles, cans etc. In fact, you can also recover some cash from it by selling it to the recycling centers. Even if you don't need the cash, donate it to charity.

4. Resist

Resist buying things you don't need. How often have you gone shopping and looked and something and bought it just because you think it is a good idea or that you might need it. Then how often do you find that after buying it you never ever use it after you take it home.

5. Refuse

Refuse what you know is not right. If you purchase a simple item and you get a big plastic bag. Do you really need that plastic bag to carry your packet of candy or a can of pop?

6. Reduce

Reduce your consumption, do you need two can of pop? Do ou really need that extra helping of pie. Reduce your consumption, earth will thank you and so will your body (think of the extra time in the gym you don't need to spend to burn off those extra calories you reduce). Same applies with when going for buffet. How often do you take extra and then ending up wasting it. Reduce the amount of take and take just enough for your needs? Too often, people over indulge just because it is free.

7. Re-Plant

Replant trees, this will help address some of the effects of global warming.

Here are some examples of recycling:

Taking a metal pen cover wires and convert it into something to help carry bags:

An old t.v. that is spoilt converted into a book shelf:

An old dirty ladle to be used for gardening:

An old bent fork to be used for gardening:

An old oil can converted into a dustbin:
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