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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Book Review: Fire Dance

I had this book for a couple of years but only started reading it a couple of weeks ago without any expectation. The story starts with a young maiden (Edyt) standing over her dying father as the Norman invaders entered the gates of their castle.

Edyt then hid in plain side as one of the maids to avoid marriage with the Norman Lord (Alain De Crency) - Rufus, the king of England had promised her as a bride to him. It was fascinating to see how she attempted to protect Alain while pretending to be one of the maids in the castle.

Even after her identity was revealed, new elements were introduced to keep me interested. It was obvious that the knights and servants of the castle loved her and would anything for her and that she in turn wanted to keep them save even though she expected to be killed at any moment. She believed that she was evil and was a daughter of Satan and if her secrets were discovered she would be burned as a witch.

The pace of the development of the characters in the story is just right followed with enough twist to sustain the interest of what would happen next. There were a few plots happening at the same time,

  • the love story between Alain and Edyt.
  • the relationship Edyt and her people.
  • the history between Edyt and her father.
  • the secrets of the castle.
  • the history between King Rufus and Edyt's mother.

The title of the book only made sense towards the end of the story. This book was long enough to be enjoyable and would make a great movie.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review.
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