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Monday, July 27, 2015

Terminator Genisys vs Jurassic World

Terminator Genisys and Jurassic World are two highly anticipated movies shown in 2015. Even though both are reboot and try to reclaim the success of their origin, only one was successful. This is my analysis of both movies and the reason why one was successful and the other was not.

Terminator Genisys

The movie attempts to use Arnold Schwarzenegger to draw the crowd in the movie that made him famous. Unfortunately, many of Arnold fans are action movie fans. The story is too confusing and puts off the very same fans drawn to the first movie. The story was predictable so part of the excitement found in the first movie is lost.

After four movies and a television series, the story is stale. Also there is a lot more competing stories of android/cyborgs drawing attention of the fans - (example Robocop, Vision in Avengers).

I tried to get my children interested in this show did not succeed. The title and the thriller was not compelling enough to get them interested. There lies the main problem, it was not able to draw in new fans. The movie was still successful, it managed to $305 million from a budget of $105 million.

Jurassic World

The first movie in this franchise was so successful, that the theaters were fully booked even after one month. The only other movie to do this was Titanic.

Adults and children have always been fascinated by dinosaurs. Other than the movies in this franchise, no other movies have even come close to creating realistic dinosaurs. So far the movies have been evenly spaced with a four year gap. The gap allows the movie to attract new generation of fans. There is nothing else to compare this movie to. I did not even have to ask my children if they wanted to watch the movie, they asked to watch it immediately after they saw the thriller.

At the end the result speaks for itself, Jurassic World made $1.5 billion dollars from a budget of $150 million. It is now the third highest grossing movie ever.

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