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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Papa John, I Tried but You Disappoint

Since discovering Papa John’s Pizza, I tried making it one of the food outlets to visit when in Kuala Lumpur. However, after two visits, I have decided that it will not in our list of places to visit. Here is my experience.

We visited the first outlet at Berjaya Times Square in our previous trip. During the trip, we signed up for the B Card. The card is a local loyalty program covering many food outlets. The service provided in the outlet was decent, however, when I asked about the promotion that was shown in front of the outlet, none of the workers in the outlet knew anything about the promotion. Why would you put a large banner without knowing anything about it? I just asked out of curiosity but was not very happy with the response.

This week, we decided to make another visit to Papa Johns. This time it was at the outlet in Sunway Pyramid. The main reason was to claim the birthday treat that seen in the B Card newsletter. However, when I asked about it, I was told that I had to bring a printout to claim the treat. It would have been a simple matter of having a few forms available at the outlet or having a printer to print those forms but neither was available. Since it was a 6” pizza, it is not really a great loss. We decided to have our lunch in that outlet and ordered one of their set meals. However, when the meal was served we found only four breadsticks instead of six shown on the picture in the menu. The service provided at the outlet was poor. The waiters and waitresses were not very enthusiastic.

I thought the whole idea of having promotions is to improve customer satisfaction and a few simple steps would have made me a repeat customer but instead I am not happy and will not visit them again. Too many businesses do not know how satisfy the customers!
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