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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's been 3 week since I stopped my Fastestman program but I have managed to maintain my weight.  

I have been reading the book below and one of the things it talks about is that all the things we do causes us to accumulate various kinds of energy in our cells and overwhelming them. And as a result our cells are suffocating. This in turn causes all kinds of diseases.

Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing: Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness

I am not sure how true and accurate this theory is but I know many people believe in them. I have not met the originator of the CFQ healing but know of those who have.

What I do know is that I tried to just perform my own kind of meditation in which I just closed my eyes and focus on releasing all the energy within my body - basically think of radiating energy from all parts of my body. This is sometimes very difficult especially when you have a throbbing headache. I do this both in the sitting position or lying on the bed. Just need to make sure I am relaxed and my arms and legs are not crossed - which will block the flow of energy. The result even after 3 weeks of minimal exercise, I am maintaining the weight of 70.9 kg with Fat% of 24.9. This is close to my weight in Jan which is 70.5 with 24.5% fat.

This method seems to work quite well for me but the energy burn is quite slow so it still does not allow me to binge too much. Also, when I eat too much, my body knows to purge the excess out.
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