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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Simplifying our lives

Have you seen children who will spend lots of time creating excuses or tricks just to avoid doing something they don't like?

For example, a boy wants someone else to bring him a cup of milk. He will scream and shout until he gets his way. The amount of energy wasted that could be saved if he just walks over to the fridge to get it himself (especially since he is like just 5 meters) from the fridge.

In another example, you can observe people jay walking to cross a very busy road. They are willing to risk their lives to cross when they could just easily just use the overhead bridge which is just beside them or even the zebra crossing which is just 5 meters away. They will even cut through the iron bars on the divider just to cross over. When you ask them why they do it, they say it is for convenience.

I wonder if it is, if you look at the risk factor or economic factors, it is like spending RM 50/- just to save 10cents. (RM0.10).

If we take the time to think, there is a lot of energy we can save by taking the simpler path. Many times, we see a lot of examples of "penny wise pound foolish". Why don't we start to simplify our lives? Unless of course it is indeed due to our wiring, some of the things that are covered in "A Mind at A Time".
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